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About IARA

Indian Academicians and Researchers Association ( IARA ) is an educational and scientific research organization of Academicians, Research Scholars and practitioners responsible for sharing information about research activities, projects, conferences to its members. IARA offers an excellent opportunity for networking with other members and exchange knowledge. It also takes immense pride in its services offerings to undergraduate and graduate students. Students are provided opportunities to develop and clarify their research interests and skills as part of their preparation to become faculty members and researcher. It also provides the manuscript formatting services of research paper and thesis. Visit our website for more details.

Services in Formatting

Manuscript Formatting Includes

  • Layout
  • Font
  • Spacing between sections and lines of text
  • Formatting of headings and a check to ensure that all required sections are present
  • Title page check
  • Checking of word count
  • Reference number limits and noting overages
  • Ensuring appropriate placement of tables and figures

Thesis and Dissertation formatting Includes
Our thesis formatting tutorial takes you step-by-step through the process of formatting your thesis from our template file.

Preliminary Pages

  • Title Page (required)
  • Copyright (optional, Ph.D. only)
  • Dedication (optional)
  • Acknowledgment (optional)
  • Preface (optional)
  • Table of Contents (required)
  • List of Tables (required)
  • List of Figures (required)
  • List of Abbreviations/Nomenclature/Symbols (optional)
  • Text
  • Introduction (may be referred to as Chapter 1)
  • Body of Manuscript
  • References (required)
  • Appendices (optional)


  • Our prices are based on document's word count and your desired turnaround time but be assured that it’s the most competitive.

Contact Person

Arvind Kumar
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